Zinc Earthing Cell, Pin Brazing, Handy Cap, Scotch Tapes, Splicing Kit


Zinc Earthing Cell

Pin Brazing Set

This product combines two zinc reference cells, insulated from one another. One electrode would typically be connected to the protected structure, the other to an earthing device. The electrodes are surrounded by low resistivity backfill allowing large stray currents to pass between them. The enables the structure to be earthed to ground with providing a direct connection.



These products are used for 2 main purposes:

  • Instead of a copper earthing rod to avoid bi-metallic corrosion of associated ferrous structures.
  • To mitigate voltages induced onto the pipelines from overhead AC power lines.

The pipeline can be earthed using these electrodes without disruption to the Cathodic Protection current.

The brazing process is initiated by depressing a trigger on the brazing gun. This as with most forms of electrical welding simply completes a circuit through which a DC current is passed.

Within a CP system there are a multitude of connection requirements for anode cables, measuring posts etc, being extremely versatile, the pin brazing system can be used.


There are two basic types of connection that can be made:


  • Threaded Type Connection using an M8, M10 or M12 Threaded Brazing Pin. A normal copper crimp lug (supplied separately) is attached to the stud and secured in place with locknuts and washers (included with pin).
  • Direct Type Connection using an 8mm Direct Brazing Pin and a Pin Brazing cable lug, available to suit cable sizes 10mm2 to 50mm2 For each type of connection a ceramic ferrule is required for each braze in either 12mm (threaded connection) or 8mm (direct connection) size

Handy Cap

Scotch Tapes

Handy Cap is the complete weld connection sealer. It is designed to fit any welded connection, and is installed simply by pressing firmly into place.

Strong wire connection to the structure is important for all cathodic protection systems. A properly sealed weld connections will last for many years, PETUNIA supplies easy-to-use Handy cap, primer & related tapes


When a wire splice of repair has to be made to a cathodic protection system you want to use a tape that works. Vinyl tapes are commonly used to repair or seal aboveground cathodic protection, they are also employed over buried wire splices as a secondary cover. They can be stretched easily and are resistant to UV rays. Rubber and mastic tape is thick and extremely moisture resistant.

Splicing Kit

Splice kits are used to establish a connection between two cables. They can come in two configurations, depending on the type of wire or cable being joined.


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