Cathodic Protection Systems

 PETUNIA construction team can provide a full range of activities such as site investigation and installation cathodic protection equipment. PETUNIA construction division is experienced in the installation of all components required for a fully functioning CP system. Our technicians provide CP system commissioning to achieve optimal performance.

Proper installation of a CP system is critical to its long term performance.

PETUNIA can work in an onsite installation supervisory role in which we can provide training services to assist teams in installation. We can support you with the installation of both galvanic and impressed current systems.

Earthing and Lightning Protection Systems

Petunia  executive team have enough experience in installing and implementing  a lightning protection system, earthing and surge protection devices according IEEE, IEC, BS, NFPA, NFC, ITU-T, TIA, IPS, etc. standards for power stations, substations, refineries, military, data center, telecommunication sites and commercial and residential buildings, etc.

The company also has the ability and equipment for testing and measuring soil resistivity, earthing resistance, toch voltage , step voltage and continuity tests according to the standards for types of projects. Petunia is able to supervisory and training of people on the site.


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