Earth Sheets & Earth Mats

Earth Equipment Mat

An earth mat is a flat pad used for working on electrostatic sensitive devices. It is generally made of a galvanized steel which is electrically attached to earth. This helps discharge any static charge which a worker has built up, as well as any static charge on tools or exposed components laid on the mat. It is used most commonly in electrical device. Earth mats are also found on fuel trucks and tankers, which are otherwise insulated from earth as they make physical contact only with their tires and the air; obviously static discharge is undesirable during fuel-transfer operations.

Similarly, in aircraft refueling, a earth cable connects the tanker (truck or airplane) to the fuel-seeking craft to eliminate charge differences before fuel is transferred.

Lattice Copper Earth Mat

These Earth Lattice Mats are a lower coast option to solid copper earth plates. These Petunia Mats provide a long lasting earth system when used with Backfill. They may be preferred on some telecoms towers where step voltage could cause problems.

Copper plate

These solid earth plate used as a part of an Earthing systems. The material is pure copper as BS Standard.

They provide a long lasting solution where earth rods are not suitable.


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