Cathodic Protection  Systems

PETUNIA Co has been providing successful cathodic protection solutions to the Oil, Gas, Petrochemical, Water and Power Industries for over 26 years.

Structures that are commonly protected by cathodic protection are the exterior surfaces of:

  • Pipelines – oil, gas, product, water etc.
  • In plants piping
  • Above ground Storage tank bases (External plates of aboveground storage tanks)
  • Underground Storage Tanks
  • Well Casing
  • Compressor stations
  • Ships’ hulls
  • Marine Structures, Jetties, harbour and etc.
  • Concrete structures –bridges, pipelines, marine structures etc.


Cathodic protection is also used to protect the internal surfaces of:

  • Large diameter pipelines
  • Storage tanks (oil and water)
  • Ship’s tanks (product and ballast)
  • Water-circulating systems.

Our NACE qualified engineers can provide cathodic protection design based on client specification and recognized international standards.

PETUNIA engineers are experienced with the design and performance of all CP applications and the advantages of each in specific situations. For new or supplemental systems (sacrificial anodes or impressed current ground beds), consideration is given to point or distributed surface configurations, deep anodes, or linear anodes to achieve the client’s corrosion control objectives, and to meet designated CP criteria as efficiently as possible.

Our projects include pipelines , storage tanks, tank farms, docks, offshore platforms, sheetpile walls/bulkheads, military facilities,boats/vessels, steel/concrete based structures, and lastly but not limited to, water and waste treatment plants. The following is just some examples of our engineering services:

  • Current Drain
  • Ground bed location
  • AC  corrosion monitoring and mitigation
  • Detailed engineering
  • Technical document preparation
  • supervision of installation works
  • Pre commissioning and Commissioning of cathodic protection system


Earthing & Lightning Protection systems

Petunia engineering team have enough experience in designing lightning protection system and earthing according IEEE, IEC, BS, NFPA, NFC, ITU-T, TIA, IPS, etc. standards to protect humans and equipment from direct lightning strikes and the effects of lightning discharge and the risk of electric shock for power stations, substations , refineries, military, data centers, telecommunication sites and commercial and residential buildings, etc.


 Purpose of Earthing

  • To save human life from danger of electrical shock or death by blowing a fuse i.e. To provide an alternative path for the fault current to flow so that it will not endanger the user
  • To protect buildings, machinery & appliances under fault conditions   ie. To ensure that all exposed conductive parts do not reach a dangerous potential.
  • To provide safe path to dissipate lightning and short circuit currents.
  • To provide stable platform for operation of sensitive  electronic equipments   i.e. to maintain the voltage at any part of an electrical system at a known value so as to prevent over current or excessive voltage on the appliances or equipment .
  • To provide protection against static electricity from  friction.


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