Thermite Welding

Thermite Welding

Thermite welding is a simple, inexpensive and efficient method of attaching a copper conductor cable to steel or cast iron. It is particularly useful for connecting cathodic protection cables to pipelines including test leads, negative and bonding cables. The welding process uses a high temperature reaction charge of powdered copper oxide and aluminium which when ignited produces aluminium oxide and super-heated copper.

Graphite Mould

PETUNIA moulds are made of heat- resistant semi-permanent graphite and are used for making the “PetWeld” connection.

The high temperature thermic reaction takes place in the crucible of the moulds allowing molten copper to flow through the tap hole into the weld cavity, producing a solid joint. They can be used for over than 50 connections under normal usage.


PetWeld" Cartridge

Petweld" powder, a mixture of copper oxide and aluminum, comes in plastic tubes. Each tube contains a measured quantity of weld-material powder. The powder supplied is sufficient to make the appropriate joint. Powders are available in two types for both general and cathodic protection purposes.

Tools Kit

A set of cleaning tools, a flint gun and a fire flame is required to clean the conductors and moulds to start the reaction and to warm the mould as well.


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