Galvanized Steel Earthing MAT (EM)

An Earthing Mat is a flat pad used for working on electrostatic-sensitive devices. It is generally made of galvanized steel which is electrically attached to the earth. This helps to discharge any Static charge that a worker has built up and any static charge on tools or exposed components laid on the mat. It is used most commonly in electrical devices.


They are also found on fuel trucks and tankers, which are otherwise insulated from the earth as they make physical contact only with their tires and they are obvious, static discharge is undesirable during fuel-transfer operations. Similarly, in aircraft refueling, an earth cable connects the tanker (truck or airplane) to the fuel-seeking craft to eliminate charge differences before fuel is transferred. In an electrical substation, an earthing mat is a mesh of conductive material installed at places where a person would stand to operate a switch or other apparatus. It is bonded to the local supporting metal Structure and to the handle of the switchgear so that the operator will not be exposed to a high differential voltage due to a fault in the substation.