Surge Arrester

Surge protective devices (SPDs) protect electrical equipment and systems from damage caused by over voltages and establish equipotential bonding. This optimizes the availability of systems and devices and improves safety when dealing with electricity. Petunia SPDs consist of varistors and spark gaps that can be combined to protect electrical equipment against over voltages.
Petunia SPDs  are provided in single pole, 2 poles for single phase systems, 3 poles for 3phase TNC systems and 4 poles for 3 phase TNS and TT systems.

The different types of Petunia SPDs are presented in the following:

Single Pole SPDs

Reference codePS-1C1PS-1C2PS-1C3
Number of Poles111
SPD according to EN 61643-11Type 1 + 2Type 1 + 2Type 2
Max. continuous operating voltage (a.c.) (UC)255255255
Lightning impulse current (10/350 µs) [L-PE] (Iimp)25 KA12.5 KA7.5 KA
Nominal discharge current (8/20 µs) (In)604020
Voltage protection level (UP)< 1.5 KV< 1.5 KV< 1.5 KV

Two Poles SPDs

Reference code PS-2C1 PS-2C2 PS-2C3
Number of Poles 2 2 2
SPD according to EN 61643-11 Type 1 + 2 Type 1 + 2 Type 2
Max. continuous operating voltage (a.c.) (UC) 255 255 255
Lightning impulse current (10/350 µs) [L,N-PE] (Itotal) 50 KA 25 KA 15 KA
Lightning impulse current (10/350 µs) [L,N-PE] (Iimp) 25 KA 12.5 KA 7.5 KA
Nominal discharge current (8/20 µs) (In) 60 40 20