Transformer Rectifier

A wide and varied range of high-quality transformer rectifiers is designed and manufactured in PETUNIA factory to meet the market requirement for all land and marine structures necessitating an Impressed Current Cathodic Protection system. Petunia cathodic protection rectifiers are specially designed for operation in aggressive environments.


These may include areas with corrosive, abrasive or high saline conditions, areas with high levels of dust, excess moisture or increased risk of high electrical discharge, etc. Our transformer rectifiers are designed to meet the Standards of the International Electro Technical Commission (IEC) and Iranian Petroleum Standards (IPS), but can also be designed following the requirements of other recognized standards.

1 Phase and 3 Phase supplies to 400Volts, 50/60Hz are readily catered for within our standard arrangements.

Depending on ambient conditions and locations, air-cooled or oil-cooled units are generally used in CP systems.

Petunia transformer rectifiers can be used in indoor and outdoor locations and are capable of supplying continuous, full-rated output at ambient temperatures from -25 up to +60°C (depending on their types).

Based on client request we can produce:

  • Heavy duty automatic oil-cooled CP TRs
  • Automatic oil-cooled CP TRs
  •  Automatic air-cooled CP TRs
  •  Step type oil-cooled CP TRs The transformer rectifier is supplied with a base frame and fixing bolts for plinth mounting and a sunshade for protecting the unit against direct sunlight and rain.


• Full micro-processor based control system.
• Constant voltage, constant current and constant potential operation.
• Step-less control over the full range of nominal output parameters.
• Precision control with fire angle control of power Thyristors.
• 3 external one-turn potentiometer for setting output voltage, output current and potential.
• Cooling by the natural convention of transformer oil.
• Suitable to be supplied by 400V/50Hz/3P+N or 220V/50Hz/1P+N.
• Short circuit and overload protection on AC side & DC side.
• Surge protection & lightning protection on AC side & DC side.
• Input over-voltage, Input under voltage & phase failure protection.
• Continues and timer mode operation.
• AC input voltage, DC output voltage, DC output current & potential monitoring.
• Suitable for use at -25˚C to +55˚C ambient temperature and up to 90% humidity.
• Weatherproof enclosure and degree/UV-resistant coating