Welding Process

Cleaning and Drying the Mould and Conductors

• Clean & dry junction points and remove rust or greases from that.
• Before starting welding, mould has to be dried (by pre-heating it up to 120-130o Centigrade with a torch or through burning a catridge).

Placing the Pieces in the Mould and Locking

Place pieces to be welded inside the mould, making them in the correct position to check if they are in the suitable position before igniting take place.

Placing the Welding Disc in The Mould

• Close mould securely with handle clamp
• Place metallic disc on tap hole, and consider that suitable disc should be selected referring to powder size.

Pouring the Welding Powder into Mould

Pour into the mould the “Pet Weld” powder without moving the metallic disk; be sure that its size correcsponds to that shown on the moulds plate.

Igniting the Starter

• Spread starting powder over “Pet Weld” powder uniformly and close the cover.
• Put wick into the mould, but be sure that the wick top to be out of the cover opening for easy ignition.
• Ignite quick starter with a fire flame.

Opening the Handle Clamp and Welded Pieces

Open the mould and remove skage from mould, ready for next connection. While drawing out the connection, keep mould fully open for avoiding inside edges to break.